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Hi! I'm LaJune King

photosbyLJK - The Pink Starburst

I'm in Frisco, TX. I also specialize in Personal Branding + Family of Color photography. I've decide to incorporate the client experience into my specialties. Many creatives have the skill to WOO the clients, but lack connection to WOW them. Here, I'm educating other creatives on how to get better or 5 STAR Google reviews through the client experience.

Hey, You!

This is where we level up your client experience for every personal branding inquiry. I am here to help you get those five star Google reviews. If you are not capturing your clients in the best light to connect with their target audience you are doing it all wrong. Let me help!

Katrina C.-D.

LaJune was high energy, she loves what she does and she made me not only want to be apart of her pink starburst experience but think more about what I can offer my clients as a pink starburst experience. Excellent job.

Tashina B.

LaJune was simply amazing!!! Her presentation was very informative, her energy was on point…. Definitely set the tone for me in realizing I need to make sure all of my clients are having a quality experience. Would highly recommend this course.

Chip D.

LaJune is awesome, love her energy and how she broke everything down.

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